White is often regarded as a non-colour or a colour with no colour. It can stand at either end of the colour spectrum which means it can signify the absence of colour or the sum of all colours.

White too is one of the oldest colours and used in prehistoric times. Then it was made up of ground calcite.

The best white is the one containing lead. Lead white was used since 400 BC. It was both the most beautiful and the most deadly for those involved in making it and those who used it. They became severely ill and at times died from lead poisoning. In the 19th century the manufacturing and sale of lead white was restricted. It was replaced with Titanium White and Zinc White.

It is the preferred colour used in the rites of passage. In the wedding ceremony for instance, the bride wears white.

The Pope has worn white since 1556.

White also represents freedom, purity and innocence.