Red too is one of the oldest colours in the world. It is an ochre pigment that contains iron oxide. It was ground up and used as body paint and for cave paintings by our prehistoric ancestors. They saw red as the colour of blood and fire. They also saw red as a magical and religious colour.

Throughout history the colour red has two opposing factions: good and bad; love and anger. In the Renaissance period bright reds were used to draw attention to the most important figures in a painting. In Asia the colour red is usually associated with luck and happiness, whereas in Western culture red is seen as a symbol of sexuality. Red is the colour used a warning for danger. As an old colour it’s made an interesting history side by side with the history of man.

Today we are familiar with the red of STOP signs. In a traffic light system the red light tells us to stop. And we see red interwoven with blue and white in our national flag.