The colour blue was first produced by the ancient Egyptians who figured out how to create a permanent blue pigment they used in the decorative arts. It was a long and complicated process and not always reliable due to the copper content. It continued to evolve for the next 6000 years. Consistently though it was always an expensive colour for artists to use.

Blue is both a politically and emotionally charged colour. The church controlled its use strictly for religious paintings and Joshua Reynolds the founder of the RA and Gainsborough, a member of the RA carried a life-long feud over the use of the colour. One wanted to retain the old way with this colour which was expensive and the other proposed the use a substitute found in 1927 which was much cheaper.

Picasso’s blue period was initiated by the death by suicide of a friend. It was a favourite colour of Van Gogh. (Starry Starry Night)

Blue is the colour of the imagination. It allows the mind to expand in a way that makes room for new ideas, information etc…

Today the colour is associated with two major aspect of nature: the sky and the sea.