About the Artist

Marie Laywine, artist, born in Canada, is now a permanent resident of the UK, living and painting in Abbotsbury, Dorset. She’s worked in studios in Florence, Italy; Brittany, France; the Middle East; the Himalayas, Great Britain and Indonesia.

Laywine seeks to bring the world of the subconscious into focus, exploring the connection between our inner and outer selves, where dream and reality intersect. Her densely textured images with thick layers of paint worked with a palette knife, explore the landscape, the mountain ranges and coastal plains both in ourselves and in the imaginary.

Laywine graduated in fine arts from the Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto, her third year off campus study was spent in Firenze, Italy. She has a BA in fine art from McMaster University and studied with Arthur Lismer, Group of Seven, at the Montreal Museum School of Fine Arts in Montreal.

Laywine has exhibited widely in Canada and in the UK including The Study Gallery of Modern Art in Poole Dorset, The Royal Society of British Artists, the Royal West of England Academy, the Biscuit Factory in Newcastle and the New English Art Club. In 2004 she was shortlisted in the in ‘The Big Art Challenge’ organized by the Arts Council of England, Scotland and Wales.
In Canada her work appeared in the major exhibition ‘Here and Now Retrospective: 100 Years of Painting’ at the Hamilton Art Gallery in Hamilton.
A limited edition of hand-printed, hand-bound book ‘Where Is That Gull That Flew Overhead?’ is in the Special Collection of major public and university libraries in Canada.
Laywine’s work appears in collections in Canada, USA, Switzerland, Australia and the UK.

Work in the Community
1974 -1983 founding member of the Hamilton Artists Inc., Canada
1992 – Locum Director of the Bridport Art Centre
2008 – Speaking with/in Images –an interactive exhibition during Dorset Art Weeks
2009 – Publication and launch of ‘In Search of an Image’ – my life and work in the Himalayas
2010 – Circle of Hope – interactive installations launched during Dorset Art Weeks, involving 27 community groups and 27 installations along the coastal road from Bridport to Christchurch

Recent Development
In 2013 Laywine was invited to Indonesia to study with Suprapto Suryodarmo, a Javanese artist and teacher of Joged Amerta movement. She explored the theme of dream and reality using bodily movement as a means of communication.
In 2014 Laywine was part of the ‘Move Into Life’ project group with Sandra Reeve, a teacher of Joged Amerta movement in Dorset. The following year, Laywine created a performance called ‘UNDERCURRENT’, a moving tableau of four selected paintings created during the year-long programme.
In 2016 Laywine created a blog, ‘TOUCHING THE CREATIVE FIRE…’, a space where she explores her experience in the creative process using the written word and social media.
Laywine’s work has undergone changes from the two-dimensional to movement, performance, sculpture and the written word. She brings all these new skills into her overall practice of painting.

Blue Woman - Marie Laywine - Contemporary fine art