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Prelude No. 13
Prelude No. 20
Prelude No. 23
Prelude No. 30
Prelude No. 32
Prelude No. 33
Prelude No. 34
Prelude No. 37
Prelude No. 38
About these paintings


THE PRELUDES is a series of 105 images using pastels and graphite on 100% cotton paper.

The series was done over a period of three years starting in 1996 and finishing in 1999.

These are small images because the dream image is small and are truly the 'prelude' to the larger paintings. As an example, Prelude No. 72 becomes FALLING MAN (Angel Gallery).

The dream speaks to me through the feelings evoked by the objects in the dream landscape. To understand what is being said, I begin the exploration by taking the dream apart. This is done using a three-phase process:
1. identifying the objects in the dream landscape (these objects are created by my life's experiences, are familiar, and I know well because at one time evoked a strong reaction).
2. exploring the feelings evoked by these objects
3. bringing the objects and feeling evoked together.
This process helps me to 'locate' a 'landscape' where the possibility for understanding exists.

Postcard Book

Postcard book of 18 postcards. Please refer to single postcards because the book includes all 18.

If you would like to purchase a book or postcard then please call the studio on 01305 871175 to arrange. We can take payment over the phone and send to you via post.