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INSTALLATION: Blue Man, Blue Woman
A sculpture using recycled materials by Marie Laywine.

Much appreciation goes to the following contributors:
ROWLANDS & WEBSTER, ACCOUNTANTS AND TAX ADVISERS, for bags and bags of shredded paper
LORRAINE DALLY, for cast-off wellies
SWAN INN, for damaged Pepsi table umbrella
BARBARA LAURIE, for out-dated Abbotsbury Posters
NEIL DAVIES, RYAN DALLY, for its installation

The Inspiring Journeys of Women Entrepreneurs: Exploring New Ways of Business That Answer Your Calling - Jane Noble Knight
Cover Story:
AS I THINK, SO I BECOME, a painting by Marie Laywine.
Jane views each woman as a 'Pilgrim Mother' of the business world, daring to embrace, employ and emancipate their feminine nature. Their fascinating stories reveal not only their talent for business, but also their road to personal authenticity and an inner belief that their mission is to be of service. These women are heart-centred entrepreneurs: living from their passion; behaving ethically; enjoying balanced lives; building communities; leaving legacies; and feeling fulfilled. Jane believes that these women entrepreneurs have all answered their calling and asks the reader, "Have you answered yours?"

The Magic Carpet is made up of 81 nine-inch squares arranged in a 'magic square' of nine by nine squares with a total size of 81 x 81 inches.

How the idea took off
Originally I was asked to get involved in a project that would see the whole community creating a mural. I suggested that instead of applying the mural to a wall we should make a 'flying mural'. Unfortunately we soon discovered that funding this project would be impossible, even with significant changes to the idea, so I decided to take it up as a studio project and create a kite...

Enjoy the Magic Carpet and follow its magic on a journey of your own.

In Search of an Image
Marie has written a fascinating account of her year living and working in a tiny Himalayan village in the mid-1980s. In Search of an Image examines the practicalities of moving from her previous home in the Middle East to Parsil, which lies in the Helambu region, two days' trek from Kathmandu as well as describing in beautiful detail the unique culture she found there.

Exhibition - Canada: Collector's Loan
Ref: EventCollectors

Valeska Ramsay is a private collector living in Hamilton, Ontario.
Professor Alison McQueen, Curator and Professor of Art History, McMaster has chosen 64 works of art from her collection for the exhibition titled.

Four of those art works are paintings by Marie Laywine.

The four paintings are from the work done while living in the Middle East; watercolour on handmade paper.

COLLECTOR'S LOAN, from Valeska Ramsay's collection
The Atrium, McMaster Innovative Park
175 Longwoood Road South
Hamilton, Ontario
March 31 to June 14 2011
Everyone welcome.

Circle of Hope
Ref: EventsCircle
29 May - 3 June 2010
An interactive installation involving 27 groups and 27 installations along the coastal road throughout Dorset.