fine art



The Magic Carpet is made up of 81 nine-inch squares arranged in a 'magic square' of nine by nine squares with a total size of 81 x 81 inches.

How the idea took off
Originally I was asked to get involved in a project that would see the whole community creating a mural. I suggested that instead of applying the mural to a wall we should make a 'flying mural'. Unfortunately we soon discovered that funding this project would be impossible, even with significant changes to the idea, so I decided to take it up as a studio project and create a kite.

I am not an experienced kite-maker but I had a vision of how to go about making the sail. However, the kite had ideas of its own! I decided to go with this; after all, taking you on a journey is exactly what a magic carpet is supposed to do. So I followed the kite's process and its progress, making a wonderful journey from the very beginning all the way to its installation in my garden.

Enjoy the Magic Carpet and follow its magic on a journey of your own.

Thank you to Neil Davies and Christine Messenger for their help with the project.