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In Rhythm
Blue Woman Painting
Hard Jacob's Dream
Mother Earth Crying
Pandora's Box
The Fire eater
The Story Teller
Thierna na Oge
About these paintings

Large Abstracts

The source for each painting is to be found in the dream space.

Over the years I've developed a technique that enables me to take the dream apart and to extract information from it. In the large abstracts, several months of working with the contents of the dream space resulted in a pattern emerging. The pattern eventually evolved into a concept. The next stage was to develop/construct an image to communicate the concept in visual terms.

The medium is acrylic paint on paper, using a palette knife.

When the painting is finished, I bring what is unconscious to the conscious level, and call this psychological landscaping. Influences:
The landscape I live in, Myths, Legends, Symbols, Dreams, My personal analysis, My experience with all of the above.