fine art


Marie Laywine is an internationally recognised artist whose work is grounded in what she refers to as an 'interior landscape' and uses images and ideas from her dreams to help represent visually the mountain ranges and coastal plains inside a person.

Marie Laywine builds the image up slowly on paper, board, canvas, using materials dictated by the image and its complexity. She applies the paint with a palette knife, followed by layers of transparent glazes. This process is repeated until the desired textural effect ia achieved; this sometimes means that a work will remain 'in progress' for several years. This process Laywine refers to as an 'archaeological dig' on a psychic level.

Her travels were a period of time where she was able to increase her knowledge in dream material, exterior landscape and culture:

Florence, Italy: home of the Renaissance period; Quimper, Brittany, France: working with the dream symbol active in the exterior landscape

Middle East: the horizon line in the desert has similar characteristics with the dream - continuously changing in shape and movement

The Himalayas: dreams are very different at this height. This gave Laywine the idea that there is a space where dream and life meet

Great Britain: exploring the space where dream and life meet and translating that information into an image.Marie Laywine was born in Canada and settled in the UK in 1986.

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